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Strategic planning and action plans towards more successful Proton.

Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sunny were the 2 best selling models when Proton was formed in the early 80s. Borneo Motors (BM) and Tan Chong (TC) that distributed Corolla and Sunny respectively were worried their sales will be affected when Saga was launched. One smart shopper told them that it was best not to compete with Saga and go into something that proton was not planning to go into. Corolla and Sunny were popular in the 1200cc class. So what BM and TC did was to move ahead into the 1500cc and higher class. They did the right thing and were able to maintain profitability although losing the best seller status.

When Perodua introduces Kancil and MyVi, Proton saw a tough circuit ahead and took the easy way out by joining the 1500cc market. It turn out to be the start of a tough journey for them.

*to be continued


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